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InfoPET National Registry Database Information Change Form

Note:  Use this form to change information in the InfoPET National Registry Database ONLY if you are the currently registered pet owner.

To mail or fax an Information Change Form, print out an InfoPET Information Change Form.

If you have not previously registered your pet with InfoPET, please fill out and submit a Registration Form:  Registration Form.

If you are the new owner of a pet previously registered with InfoPET, please read the Frequently Asked Questions at FAQ for information on how to proceed.

  1. Enter your pet's Microchip ID Number or Brass Collar Tag Number or your Pet Parent ID Number:*

    InfoPET/Trovan/AKC/HomeAgain/Other Microchip Number (10 characters: 0-9, A-F; e.g., 0001FB9D38)

    OR  AVID Microchip Number (9 digits: 0-9; such as 002345678)

    OR  ISO Microchip Number (15 digits: 0-9; such as 981002345678901)

    OR   Brass Collar Tag Number  (6 digits starting with the number "6"; e.g., 612345)

    OR   your Pet Parent ID Number  (4 alpha & 4 numeric characters; e.g., MYKE1234)

  2. Enter your current (i.e., new not previous/old) Pet Parent contact information:

    First Name* (Max of 25 characters)
    Last Name* (Max of 25 characters)
    Street Address* (Max of 35 characters)
    Mailing Address (if different) (Max of 35 characters)
    City* (Max of 25 characters)
    ZIP/Postal Code*
    Daytime Phone* (e.g., 123-456-7890)
    Evening Phone* (e.g., 123-456-7890)
    Cell Phone (e.g., 123-456-7890)
    Other Phone (e.g., 123-456-7890)
    E-mail Address (Max of 30 characters)
  3. Alternate Contact (such as Friend, Neighbor or Family Member) information:

    First Name (Max of 25 characters)
    Last Name (Max of 25 characters)
    Daytime Phone (e.g., 123-456-7890)
    Evening Phone (e.g., 123-456-7890)
    Other Phone (e.g., 123-456-7890)
  4. Veterinary Clinic contact information:

    Veterinary Clinic Name (Max of 40 characters)
    Veterinary Clinic Phone (e.g., 123-456-7890)
  5. Identify and describe your pet:

    Pet's Name* (Max of 25 characters)
    Species* Dog   Cat   Bird   Horse   Rabbit  Reptile  Other
    Sex* Male       Female
    Spayed/Neutered?* Yes          No           Unknown
    Breed (Max of 35 characters)
    Date of Birth -- mm/dd/yy
    Color (Max of 50 characters)
  6. Enter optional Medical Information & Medications for your pet in the space provided below.

    (Max of 250 characters)

  7. Date of your pet's last Rabies Vaccination:

    -- mm/dd/yy

  8. Enter any additional information about your pet or you -- to help InfoPET quickly & safely return your lost pet home.

    (Max of 250 characters)

  9. If you have more than one pet registered with InfoPET, please enter their Microchip ID Number(s) OR Brass Collar Tag Number(s) in order to apply Pet Parent and Alternate Contact information changes to their files as well.  If you want to change individual pet information, you will need to fill out this Information Change Form for each pet. 

                          Pet 1               Pet 2             Pet 3   

                          Pet 4              Pet 5              Pet 6 

* - Required information


Note:  An Information Change Confirmation screen will appear after you click on Submit Form.

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