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What is a microchip?

The tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, is painlessly placed into your pet by your veterinarian.  The microchip carries a unique identification code that is linked to your name, phone number, and pet's medical information.

How does the InfoPET pet recovery system work?

Humane societies, animal shelters, and veterinarians across the country routinely scan lost pets for a microchip.  When a microchip is detected, the staff calls InfoPET's National Recovery Hotline.  Day and night, InfoPET provides veterinarians and shelters with the information needed to quickly return your pet home.

Where is the microchip placed?

The microchip is safely and permanently placed between the shoulder blades, just beneath the skin of your cat or dog.

How is my pet identified and returned to me?

When your lost pet is found by a humane society, animal shelter, or veterinarian, it is scanned with a special electronic microchip reader that displays on its LCD screen the unique code permanently stored in the microchip.  The scanning center then calls InfoPET's National Recovery Hotline at any time night or day.  Your name, address, and phone numbers are located in InfoPET's registry database.  InfoPET then calls to tell you your pet has been found and who to contact to be reunited with your pet.

Does InfoPET register all brands of microchips?

Yes -- InfoPET registers Trovan, HomeAgain, AVID, ISO compatible, and all other brands of microchips.

What does it cost?

Membership in the InfoPET National Registry, for as long as you own your pet, is $25.  If you have more than one pet, the membership fee is only $10 for each additional pet registered in your name.

Is there any fee for changing my information in the database?

No, unlimited information changes may be made at no charge for as long as you own your pet.  If you sell or give your pet to someone else, the new owner will need to register with InfoPET and pay the $25 or $10 registration fee.

What if I sell or give my pet to someone else?

The new owner must register the pet with InfoPET and pay the $25 or $10 registration fee in order for the pet to continue to be protected by the InfoPET Pet Recovery System.  Prior to the new owner registering, however, InfoPET requires a written (fax or letter) transfer of ownership notification, signed by the owner of record.  A Transfer of Ownership Form is available by clicking on this linked form:  InfoPET Transfer of Ownership Form.  This is a security procedure to ensure that the pet wasn't stolen or found by an individual who didn't notify the pet owner.

What is included in my pet's membership?

Membership in the InfoPET National Registry includes:

bullet24 hour protection on InfoPET's nationwide computer database and recovery hotline for as long as you own your pet.
bulletFree individualized brass collar tag with a unique InfoPET registry number -- a $10 value.
bulletWritten confirmation of your pet's InfoPET registration.
bulletPet and owner information changes in InfoPET's computer database at no charge -- ever!
bulletMembership fee for your additional pets is only $10 each.

What if my pet is found by a good Samaritan who doesn't have a microchip scanner?

Your pet's InfoPET brass collar tag has a unique InfoPET registry number and InfoPET's toll-free phone number engraved on it.  All the good Samaritan has to do is call InfoPET, and we'll take care of reuniting you with your lost pet.

What if my pet isn't wearing its InfoPET brass collar tag when found by a good Samaritan?

When the individual takes your lost pet to their local humane society, animal shelter, or veterinary clinic having a microchip reader, your pet is scanned, InfoPET receives a phone call, and you are quickly reunited with your pet.


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